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Book Descriptions


Sixteen-year-old Morgan leaves Earth behind when her magic awakes to accept the duty of Caretaker to the dragons and people of Chemerie. With no formal training, she lets her magic lead her and devotes herself to serving her country as skillfully as the women of her family had done for centuries.


When Lord Harrick brings war to Chemerie, Morgan endures the suffering and death of many of her brethren. Being connected to the knights and dragons as their spirits go silent is an agony she could never have imagined. That pain drives her to wield her magic with greater skill and she soon surpasses her foremothers in every way.


As she grows more confident in her skills, she allows herself to embrace the magical link she shares with a handsome Knight, Sir Alec. The powerful link they share allows her to accept his love and support, but their relationship makes him her greatest weakness.


Lord Harrick’s forces capture and torture Sir Alec, leaving him poisoned with dark magic. Despite all she has achieved, Morgan finds herself useless against the darkness consuming him.


Without Sir Alec, her bloodline ends.

Without the magic of the Caretaker, her country will fall.


Is Morgan the last Caretaker of Chemerie,

or will she be the first to stand between her country 

and the darkness?

Trust the magic within you

and wield it well, my daughter.


Her greatest strength, 

and weightiest burden,

are her own selfless heart.


Morgan is now Queen and Caretaker of Chemerie, mother to powerful twin children, and charged with many daunting tasks. Her most significant challenges are to ensure the survival of her fast-maturing children, restore the precious connection once felt between her human and dragon brethren, rebuild a lost portal, and teach those ignorant of their magic to wield it responsibly. Any one of these could prove fatal were she to face it alone.


Her brother has found his mate at last. However, the woman’s uncontrolled magic puts both of their lives at risk. Morgan tries to help but soon finds herself stranded on a distant planet after an attack born of ancient hatred destroys the portal home. Returning to her family requires navigating a world ruled by a ruthless warlord wielding dark magic stronger than any she has yet faced.


Though powerful and skilled with magic, Morgan is still vulnerable, imperfect, and in no way, invincible. To survive the coming storm, she must redefine what it means to be strong, to see that offering one’s own life can be as selfish as it is selfless if the true cost is not considered.

The risk of mercy is vengeance,

and vengeance is merciless.


Queen Morgan is the matriarch of her magically-gifted family, the primary Caretaker of Chemerie, and the most powerful wielder her country has seen for many centuries. Because of her devoted service, Chemerie now stands strong with a massive fleet of mighty dragons, a skilled Knight’s Guard, and four Caretakers wielding pure magic ready to heal, empower, and fight at their side.


While Morgan’s duty and destiny lie at home serving and protecting her Chemerian brethren, her eldest children, twins Brya and Kyan, now travel Erion on a quest to locate and protect a nearly extinct race of magical creatures. Having grown, matured, and quickened in less than four years, the twins are challenged to earn respect from their Elders while navigating painful longing for their mates, disturbing cultures, lethal dark creatures, and devastating losses.


As the twins begin to encounter more darklings far from home, that same threat comes to Chemerie. A hoard of sinister creatures, driven by the single purpose of consuming or destroying pure magic, sets its focus on Chemerie and its Caretakers. Supported by a vengeful King and his armies, the dark hoard attacks, forcing Chemerie into a bloody war of might and magic.


To defend their country and preserve their precious way of life, Chemerie must combine their skills of magic, blade, bow, teeth, and talons, fighting as one under the Aegis of their mighty Queen and Caretaker.

Praise for The Caretaker

Andrea Hixson rated it - 5/5 stars "It was amazing!"

"This book, The Caretaker, is a fantastic book that takes you on an enchanting adventure in the world of Erion. I love the way that you can get lost in this story and really feel like you are there and a part of their world. This book portrays so many different emotions from love, loss, forgiveness, and acceptance. The Caretaker is really a great read for young and older adults! It was so captivating that I read it in one day. I can’t wait for book two to come out….. I will be at the bookstore the day it is released."

Lovely Eejit rated it - 5/5 stars 

"What can you say about a book so emotional, so elegant, so fierce, so fearless, so compassionate? There are not enough words in the English language to do this book justice, but here we go.
Morgan is a normal teenage girl living her normal, angsty, teenage life. And then something changes. She finds out she is from Chemerie, a land of beautiful dragons, where a queen can feel their emotions and communicate with them. Morgan is that queen. So she goes there, and things aren't all too peaceful. There is a darkness that lurks, that is challenging the people and enslaving the dragons of Chemerie. Can she destroy it? HELL YES! Read this book PLEASE! It will change your entire freaking life!"

Amazon Customer rated it 5/5 stars - "Best read I have had in a long time."

"I have been reading the book all night since I received it and can not put it down. It takes you to another world full of adventure and magic. Best read I have had in a long time."

The Caretaker is published by No Agenda Publishing, LLC 
Cover and interior page design by M.Largent Creative

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