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The Caretaker 

is the first installment in the

series The Book of the Caretaker and is

Now Available in

hardback, paperback, and e-book format.

Reviews for The Caretaker

Andrea Hixson rated it - 5/5 stars It was amazing

"The book The Caretaker is a fantastic book that takes you on an enchanting adventure in the world of Erion. I love the way that you can get lost in this story and really feel like you are there and a part of their world. This book portrays so many different emotions from love, loss, forgiveness, and acceptance. The Caretaker is really a great read for young and older adults!!!!! It was so captivating that I read it in one day. I can’t wait for book two to come out….. I will be at the bookstore the day it is released."


ISBN: 978-1-7320058-0-8


ISBN: 978-1-7320058-1-5


ISBN: 978-1-7320058-2-2

To Serve them, she must Survive.

            To Save them, she must Fight.

Trust the magic within you

and wield it well, my daughter.


Sixteen-year-old Morgan leaves Earth behind when her magic awakes to accept the duty of Caretaker to the dragons and people of Chemerie. With no formal training, she lets her magic lead her and devotes herself to serving her country as skillfully as the women of her family had done for centuries.


When Lord Harrick brings war to Chemerie, Morgan endures the suffering and death of many of her brethren. Being connected to the knights and dragons as their spirits go silent is an agony she could never have imagined. That pain drives her to wield her magic with greater skill and she soon surpasses her foremothers in every way.


As she grows more confident in her skills, she allows herself to embrace the magical link she shares with a handsome Knight, Sir Alec. The powerful link they share allows her to accept his love and support, but their relationship makes him her greatest weakness.


Lord Harrick’s forces capture and torture Sir Alec, leaving him poisoned with dark magic. Despite all she has achieved, Morgan finds herself useless against the darkness consuming him.


Without Sir Alec, her bloodline ends.

Without the magic of the Caretaker, her country will fall.


Is Morgan the last Caretaker of Chemerie,

or will she be the first to stand between her country 

and the darkness?

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